About Us

HC Thermal is the premier electric heater systems integrator with international, solutions-based representation, supply, and manufacturing to customers worldwide. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service in North America, Europe, and Asia through industry-leading engineering, design, and technical support.

Our cutting-edge innovation and global presence spans manufacturing facilities and provides around-the-clock technical support and service. HC Thermal is the industry answer to faster, more accurate industrial heating  products integrated directly into manufacturing processes.

In addition to leading the way in engineering, design, and customer service, HC Thermal leads the way in employee satisfaction. Our employees are shareholders in our business, are 100% dedicated to your success, and are always working hard to continually improve performance and results.

Global Presence, International Certification

HC Thermal and affiliates have obtained international certifications and compliance supply standards from Fortune 100 global manufacturing companies, ensuring that HC Thermal will be able to provide a solution that meets your precise needs and your business’ unique requirements.

Contact one of our factory-trained technical sales representatives to learn more or to schedule an on-site visit.

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