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About Us

HC Thermal is the leader in Heat Focused Systems that integrate thermal fluid, air, or process heating.  Through years of experience, engineering, and electric heater design HC Thermal utilizes our own immersion heaters into a custom-built solution that fits your process.    

HC Thermal is uniquely positioned in the industry as one of the only global heater companies that fully engineers, designs, and executes the filling (MgO, Sheath, NiCr) of the tubular heaters which is the science and success within every system.  The tubular heater design can vary for each application based on process conditions, heat transfer, corrosion allowances, and formed shape of the process.  HC Thermal has the capacity in its 100,000 sq ft+ worth of manufacturing spaces strategically located around the world (Asia, Europe, USA) to fulfill special requirements.  Having an international team of over 100+ employees engineers, sales, design, and manufacturing team members gives you around the clock solutions and one of the fastest delivery options in the industry.

Our in-house manufacturing of the tubular heating elements allows streamlining of the manufacturing process of the flange, screw plug, duct, or plate assembly.  This gives us the ability to bend, form, or shape your tubular elements into a multitude of various configurations.  These elements can be used in platens, cooking equipment, wafer processing, bundle heaters, and numerous other applications revolving around many types of applications and industries.

Our flange immersion heaters, integrated thermal systems, and control panels are custom project-driven. Whether the process has a flow and requires baffles or high-pressure fittings, is a double-wall stagnant glycol tank, or even asphalt heating our variability in watt density can maximize the heater life and minimize coking.  HC Thermal and our affiliates have been chosen by large EPC's, end-users, international government entities to help build and design groundbreaking projects revolving around energy efficiency, green energy.  HC Thermal is also on the cutting edge of the development of early heater failure detection that can predict element life expectancy and help refineries or manufacturing facilities prepare for maintenance, replacement, or repair of critical needs heater bundles.  

We work together with a solutions-based approach when heat matters.  

Global Presence, International Certification

HC Thermal and affiliates have obtained international certifications and compliance supply standards from Fortune 100 global manufacturing companies, ensuring that HC Thermal will be able to provide a solution that meets your precise needs and your business’ unique requirements.

Contact one of our factory-trained technical sales representatives to learn more or to schedule an on-site visit.