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Medium Voltage Heaters

HC Thermal is pleased to announce its newest technology, the 'HCT-MV' heater. Our medium-voltage heater is very similar in design to the standard electric process heaters but rated and tested at one of the highest voltages in the heating industry. Designed and manufactured for your specific needs, our medium-voltage heaters are high-quality and durable, built to last.

Medium Voltage Heaters

More About This Product

Our patented process and unique U-Bend element design can minimize overall heater dimensions. HC Thermal is headquartered in Houston, Texas with manufacturing facilities located worldwide, to serve a variety of applications. Also available is the special HCT control logic to ensure heater longevity and accurately control all heating equipment and thermal systems.


Benefits and Technology Profile

HC Thermal's Medium Voltage Heater has a robust technology profile with a number of benefits to suit your heating needs. Both high temperature and high-pressure limits allow for a multitude of applications while the range of medium voltage capabilities allows for heating to be performed safely. From our unique designs to our operational benefits, HC Thermal's MV Heater is the best on the market.

Multiple Operating Voltage Designs

  • 4160 Volts
  • 6600 Volts
  • 7200 Volts
  • 10000 Volts

Pressure Ranges:

  • Low pressure - Duct Heaters
  • High pressures - OVH
  • Max operating pressure - 3625 psi

Temperature Ranges: 

  • 1430 F° operating temperature

Highest Combined Pressure and Temperature:

  • 3625 psi at 1112 F°

Operational Benefits

  • Gas fired: No burner to tune. No gas emission measurements to calibrate. No moving parts (blower fan).
  • Low voltage: Less circuits and number of cables for fewer items to inspect and fewer connections to make. 
  • Gas fired: No open flame on site. 
  • Low voltage: Low amperage cables, arc flash detection available
  • Gas fired: No gas line to install, no exhaust stack to erect, cannot stack units, no burner to tune to meet emission requirements
  • Low voltage: Eliminate transformer or smaller transformer, less wire to panel, less wire to heater, less labor hours
  • Gas fired: Possible energy incentives from utilities or carbon credits to reduce operating cost
  • Low voltage: Improvement in thermal efficiency to close to 99%
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    Additional Benefits

    • Available for both AC & DC Power sources
    • UL Certified
    • Increased Heating Element Sheath Thickness 
    • Full Watt Density Range

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