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Thermal Fluid Systems

Hot Oil & Glycol Systems are types of Thermal Transfer systems that offer maximum heat transfer through an indirect medium. HC Thermal designs, engineers and manufactures Hot Oil & Glycol Thermal Fluid Heating Systems for a variety of industries and manufacturing processes. We offer safety measures throughout the system and control logic that ensures low/high alarm pressure and temperature control. 

Thermal Fluid Heating Systems

More About Thermal Fluid Systems

Electric thermal fluid systems offer the ability to provide systems of smaller kw than found in fuel-fired thermal systems. Electric thermal fluid systems provide energy-efficient methods of heating that can be regulated precisely and quickly. Electric systems can also be designed to keep the heater elements as close to the fluid design temperature to maximize the fluid life and reduce the chance of coking or oxidization of the fluid. These systems maximize energy usage and efficiency of the heating system while being powered by electricity, which means no other fuels are needed for the systems to function. Electric thermal fluid systems keep the user out of nox permits and the associated maintenance of fuel-fired systems.

Applications for Thermal Fluid Systems:

HC Thermal's electric fluid thermal systems can be utilized across a number of industries, including the ones below: 


  • Jacketed Tanks/Vessels 
  • Industrial Systems
  • Ovens/fryers 
  • Crude oil heating
  • Heated Rolls
  • Tank heating
  • Natural gas heating
  • Calendar roll heating
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Suction heating
  • Jacketed vessel heating
  • Building heaters
  • Platens
  • Reactor vessel heating
  • Indirect steam generators
  • Autoclaves
  • Dies and Molds
  • Process reboilers
  • Inline liquid/gas heating
  • Pipeline Tracing
  • Platen/Press  heating
  • Heated molds or dies 

Types of Thermal Fluid Systems:

  • Water-Atmospheric
  • Oil-Atmospheric
  • Oil-Pressurized
  • Vapor
  • Direct Heating-Liquid and Gases/Tanks
  • Indirect Heating-Tanks and Process Equipment

Hot Oil Thermal Fluid Heating Systems

Hot oil can be an incredibly dangerous fluid to work with. At HC Thermal, providing safe thermal fluid systems is a priority. For high-temperature applications, a thermal fluid system specifically made for hot oil offers low pressures for high-temperature operation. These systems serve many functions for the heating of hot or thermal oil.

Glycol Thermal Fluid Heating Systems

Glycol fluid is often referred to as antifreeze, for its property of lowering freezing temperatures of any mixtures it is added to. In particularly harsh temperature conditions, glycol is used to ensure heating systems do not freeze. Glycol thermal fluid heating systems are effective for process cooling and offer high thermal conductivity and low viscosity.